Full Stack Technologies

API development, migrations and upgrades, front end development, cloud development.

We are in an era of technology revolution where the landscape keeps changing everyday. Waterfall to agile, datacenter to public cloud, basic computing to machine learning are just a few examples. In this time, where the technology stack is so huge, our goal is to provide the best talent to meet clients changing needs everyday and help them succeed in changing people’s lives for good.

We have a huge pool of technical (software engineers, data engineers, automation/manual testers, production support experts) and non-technical experts (scrum masters, project managers, technical writers) who can jump right in and start helping in your business.

Software Development
  • API Development
  • Front end and mobile
  • Cloud Development
  • Full Web Solutions
  • Agile Scrum Development
Digital Transformation
  • Data Migration
  • ETL and Transformation
  • Upgrade from AngularJS to above
  • Cross-platform migration
  • Monolith to Microservices
  • Architectural  Transformation
Front-end Development
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • React, Angular View.js
  • Microservices Architecture

Tools and Technologies we know

With vast technology options available, we cover a big part of the pie.